Hit The Ground Running


On Sunday, July 21st I woke up at 3:40am for a bike race. Despite the early wake up call, it was the most relaxing weekend I have had in a long time. Coincidently, it was the only weekend I had spent in the Eastern Standard Time Zone in a month. Since June 20th, I have competed in National Criterium Calendar (NCC) events in Wisconsin, California and Idaho. The trip to Wisconsin consumed 8 work issued vacation days, while traveling to California was made possible by a single floating holiday, and Idaho a seamless weekend trip with no time off. Essentially, so long I abide by the 15 allocated vacation days, competing in a majority of the NCC calendar is doable. Albeit with compromised sleep and fewer hours of training than many of my competitors. Doing it all does have it’s challenges.

While colleagues may be willing to lend an ear to my rambles about cycling aspirations, my managers only care for a vague understanding. Basically, what I do in my spare time does not make a difference as long as I get the job done, put in the face time, and maintain compliance with regulatory standards on personal venture. Though an organization with more sophisticated telecommuting tools would make it possible to compete in an even greater portion of the National Criterium Calendar (NCC), which is an option I may consider in the off season.

Beyond the constraints of work, traveling at this frequency also places added stress on my relationship with long term boyfriend, Glenn. We live separately so as to minimize our commute and maximize our training. This leaves the weekends as our only opportunity to enjoy one another’s company. When I compete in events out of New Jersey, this often means we do not get to see one another for weeks at time. Further reason to explore a more telecommuter friendly employer.

Courtesy of Anthony Benavides

Lou Maltese Memorial Women’s 1/2/3 field sprint ~ Courtesy of Anthony Benavides

This past month has been a whirlwind of weekend jet setting and change. The July 21st Lou Maltese Memorial in Central Park, NYC was my first race as an official member of FCS|Zngine. After winning the field sprint for 2nd overall, nabbing four 1st place primes and one 2nd place prime, I hope to continue making the team proud. Several weeks prior, I had guest rode for this talented group of women at the Tour of America’s Dairyland in Wisconsin. Despite struggling with strep throat and a destructive prescription of antibiotics, the girls of FCS|Zngine saw potential and offered me a spot on their team throughout the remainder of the 2013 season. What I saw was an impressive group of harding working, self organized, kind hearted women that I liked nothing more than to be a part of. While I will greatly miss the women of Team Riptide, I look forward to having the company of my new teammates in NCC caliber races. Next up, Professional Criterium Nationals on July 27th in High Point, NC followed by Elk Grove on August 2nd-4th in Illinios.


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