Driving Awareness

It is better to be known than unknown. Of course that depends upon what you happen to be known for, however that is yet another topic for discussion. Recently I have delved into the awareness of FCS|Zngine. Social media is just one of the many platforms for driving awareness. With thanks to the friendly people at Facebook, we are able to gain even greater insight through statistics. This data is particularly valuable in our ability to provide sponsors quantifiable information regarding the value a team can deliver. A broader network creates greater product visibility and with that comes brand recognition and the potential for increased sales. This is an area I would like to continue learning more about.

In the interest of driving Facebook awareness, I wanted to establish a baseline to see where FCS|Zngine currently measures up to the other Women’s Domestic Elite Teams (DETs). So I took a snapshot of total likes for every DET page I could find on Facebook at 1:32pm August 8th, and created a visual representative of the data. To my surprise, 4 of the 21 teams do not have a dedicated Facebook page (at least not one I could easily find). It was also difficult to weigh the data evenly, as not all teams create a separate page for their women. Some teams share a page with their sister or brother team, while others may tie into a club. Associations aside, I have recorded the data in its raw format.

Women's DET Facebook Awareness

Women’s DET Facebook Awareness

Currently, FCS|Zngine is ranked 9th in total likes. However with a 10% increase this week alone, we are on the fast track to surpassing 8th and quickly catching up to 7th. You can help us achieve this goal by following FCS|Zngine on Facebook.


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